A game about blushing boys -- you are a corporate spy of top renown, pinched for time and your only escape is through the beating heart of a man!

Playing the femme fatale, there is just one last company secret to uncover before you are able to complete your long-standing mission. However, there is another competitor in the ranks, and you only each have five minutes to seal the deal with one of the employees you have been seducing! Between the top three candidates, you must target one and move faster than your foe.

You must say the right pick-up lines to fluster them into giving up their secrets; however each ‘flirtee’ will act differently according to their profiles. Choose correctly to unlock their ‘charm points’, a special high-risk flirting mode that can either help you make gains faster or swiftly undo your progress. Finish faster than your rival to reveal multiple endings to a ridiculous story.

It’s spy versus spy versus time in this two-player love sim game: Blush or Burn.

Current version features only one character, more characters to come!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorKim Hoang
Made withConstruct
TagsAnime, blushing, Dating Sim